Worksite Camps

E.S.T. Group

We offer a full range of global service activities of design, construction, maintenance and management of complete worksite camps, consisting of prefabricated houses, camp dining halls and kitchens, building site workshops, laboratories, management and building site offices, laundry rooms, prefabricated changing rooms, infirmaries and recreational areas.for different workplaces: industrial, oil&gas, power plants, construction sites, military camps, civil etc.

The rooms obtained consist of prefabricated mono-blocks, single units or combined units, and they can all perfectly meet the requirements of building sites.


The units are built with structures, windows, walls and insulating claddings made with different technologies, in compliance with the specific needs of the customer. They may include particular technical solutions such as the use of thermal and acoustic insulating panels, installed if necessary for the final use.

EST Group, EST Italia, Oil & Gas, Marine and Industrial services, Italy, Singapore
EST Group, EST Italia, Oil & Gas, Marine and Industrial services, Italy, Singapore

Our proposal is about Turn-key Projects in all the specified areas are characterized by an advanced Engineering System to coordinate the activities and directly ensuring the quality and the results of the supplied service and design, carry out and management of buildings/facilities, including those with management contracts.


The construction of worksite camps is functional to the building sites of large works such as highways, railway sections for high speed trains, infrastructural works.

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